Gel Nails

Gel Nails

The most advanced nail system perfected in Japan is now available in the Philippines. The Gel Nail is applied with a brush-on applicator, using only the finest products available, providing longevity through all types of working conditions. Our advanced Gel Nail product will not cause damage or discoloration to your natural nails.
Gel Manicure   PHP 780.00
Gel French Manicure   PHP 800.00
Gel Pedicure   PHP 820.00
Gel French Pedicure   PHP 850.00
Gel Tip Extension PHP 2050.00 (L) PHP 1850.00 (M) PHP 1650.00 (S)
Gel Sculptured Nails PHP 2250.00 (L) PHP 2050.00 (M) PHP 1850.00 (S)
Gel Fill in   PHP 150.00 (Per Nail) PHP 1200.00 (Full Set)
Gel Floaters
(Good for Brittle Nails)
  PHP 180.00 (Per Nail) PHP 1450.00 (Full Set)
Gel Off – soft gel  PHP 50.00 (Per Nail)
Gel Off – soft gel PHP 350.00 (Full Set)
Gel Off – hard gel / gel extension PHP 90.00 (Per Nail)
Gel Off – hard gel / gel extension PHP 550.00 (Full Set)
Gel Nail Arts

Gel Nail Art

Perfect for women of today
A fashion statement from simple to special designs.
Our resident artisans help inspire your gel nail art experience as we brought to you passionate
professional nail artists who love to create distinctive pieces of unique art for you.
Gel Nail Arts (Regular Design) PHP 500.00
Gel Nail Arts (Special Design) PHP 600.00
Gel Gradation PHP 300.00
Gel Top Coat (Over Lay) PHP 200.00
Nail Arts

Nail Art

The ruling trend of today, an art of decorating nails with patterns, paintings and other decorative motifs. 
Our modern nailist create different nail designs you can choose from simple to ready to party nails.
Nail Arts – Free Hand   PHP 50.00 (Per Nail) PHP 250.00 (Full Set)
Nail Arts – Special Design   PHP 75.00 (Per Nail) PHP 350.00 (Full Set)
Nail Arts – Unique Design   PHP 95.00 (Per Nail) PHP 500.00 (Full Set)
Application of stone PHP 50.00
Application of glitter on natural nails PHP 50.00
Application of glitter on Acrylic PHP 100.00
Application of Stickers PHP 50.00
Application of dried Flowers PHP 50.00
Application of Gel Glitters / Gradation PHP 100.00
3D Nail Art

3D Nail Art

Embossed designs such as flowers, ribbons, hearts and many more, long lasting and a must-try.
3D Nail Arts  PHP 150.00 (Per Nail) PHP 1200.00 (Full Set)
Acrylic Nail Extensions

Acrylic Nail Extensions

The fabulous way of enhancing your nails, giving you the instant length and long lasting nails. Looks great with 3D Nails.
Full Tip Extension PHP 1130.00
French/Regular Tip Extension       PHP 1750.00 (L)    PHP 1600.00 (M) PHP 1450.00 (S)
Acrylic Sculptured Nails   PHP 1950.00 (L) PHP 1800.00 (M) PHP 1650.00 (S)
Acrylic Floaters  PHP 170.00 (Per Nail)
Acrylic Floaters  PHP 1200.00 (Full Set)
Acrylic Fill In  PHP 170.00 (Per Nail)
Acrylic Fill In  PHP 1030.00 (Full Set)
Acrylic Off  PHP 50.00 (Per Nail)
Acrylic Off  PHP 450.00 (Full Set)
A semi-permanent hair removal method which removes unwanted hair from the roots by applying a thin layer of warm wax onto the desired area and quickly removed with a cloth strip. The hair grows back slower and finer. We only use the finest imported wax products.
Fingers PHP 100.00
Hand (wrist to fingers) PHP 200.00
Feet (ankle to toes) PHP 240.00
Half Arm PHP 420.00
Full Arm PHP 520.00
Under Arm PHP 350.00
Half Leg PHP 520.00
Full Leg PHP 850.00
Bikini PHP 620.00
Brazilian  PHP 850.00
Sphynx PHP 900.00



A hair removal method, unwanted hair is removed from the roots with the use of cotton thread, quickly and effectively.
This is designed based on the ancient art of hair removal used by Asians for centuries.
Upper Lip PHP 180.00
Eyebrow PHP 220.00
Chin PHP 100.00
Cheek PHP 150.00
Full Face PHP 450.00
Arm PHP 300.00
Half Leg PHP 350.00
Full Leg PHP 500.00
Under Arm PHP 220.00


By stimulating reflexes especially on the hand and feet that correspond to the organs of the body. It reduces stress and improves circulation.Starts with a warm footbath, therapeutic massage, hot towel finish with complimentary back and head massage. 
This treatment will help to soothe tension and create deep relaxation and balance. After treatment you will enjoy your feeling of lightness.
Hand Reflex (30 minutes) PHP 200.00
  (45 minutes) PHP 290.00
Foot Reflex (30 minutes) PHP 280.00
  (45 minutes) PHP 390.00

Back MassageBack Massage

Perfect for people on the go, this quick deep tissue massage focuses on your neck, back and shoulder and remove those "hunched-over-keyboard" knots and rejuvenate posture.

Back Massage (30 minutes) PHP 320.00
  (45 minutes) PHP 420.00
Enjoy Kids

Mich & Myl Kids

(for boys and girls under 12 years of age)
Mom and kids favorite bonding experience is here, now Mom and Dad can have their treatments done while their little ones have a great time too. Includes: a warm hand/foot soak with bubbles that kids loves,  cuticle grooming followed by a gentle massage and polish. All kids services include two (2) complimentary nail stickers for more fun.
Little Star Manicure PHP 150.00
Little Star Pedicure PHP 190.00
Little Star Spa Manicure PHP 260.00
Little Star Spa Pedicure PHP 300.00


Indulge yourself to a warm softening soak, nail shaping and cuticle care, Followed by relaxing hand massage. Finish with the polish of your own choice.
Classic Manicure PHP 200.00
Deluxe Manicure (with hand mask) PHP 320.00
French Manicure PHP 220.00
Double French Manicure PHP 300.00
Gradation PHP 80.00
Change Polish PHP 100.00
(Additional Php. 50 for OPI, Essie, Cuccio , Morgan Taylor, Ruby Wing and Orly Polish)


Designed to rejuvenate overwhelmed feet. A Skin softening soak, nail shaping and cuticle care, followed by a relaxing foot massage. Finish with the polish of your choice.
Classic Pedicure PHP 240.00
Deluxe Pedicure (with foot mask) PHP 360.00
French Pedicure PHP 260.00
Double French Pedicure PHP 340.00
Change Polish PHP 120.00
(Additional Php. 50 for OPI, Essie, Cuccio, Morgan Taylor, Ruby Wing  and Orly Polish)
SPA Treatments

SPA Treatments

Take your senses to the next level by enjoying a warm, softening soak while your nail perfected. Exfoliate and hydrate with a scrub of your choice, callus gently removed and relax with a rejuvenating massage. Complete your experience with the polish of your choice.
Hand Spa (with manicure)
Green Tea PHP 360.00
Dead Sea Salt PHP 380.00
Peppermint PHP 420.00
Lemon & Honey (Organic) PHP 440.00
Milk & Calamansi (Organic) PHP 440.00

Foot Spa (with pedicure)

Lavender PHP 460.00
Green Tea PHP 460.00
Dead Sea Salt PHP 480.00
Peppermint  PHP 480.00
Lemon & Honey (Organic) PHP 550.00
Milk & Calamansi (Organic) PHP 550.00
Paraffin Treatment

Paraffin Treatments

This treatment infused with Aromatherapy and Essential oils are luxurious treatments.
The wax creates a seal and allows moisture to penetrate deep into the skin, and skin becomes soft and smooth.
Hand Paraffin (with Manicure) PHP 490.00
Hand Paraffin PHP 380.00
Foot Paraffin (with Pedicure) PHP 590.00
Foot Paraffin PHP 460.00

Classic Full Body Masage

Body Massage

(For selected branches only)
Savour the tranquil and peaceful ambiance and indulge in luxurious treatments.
Classic Full Body Massage (1 hour) PHP 520.00
Body Massage with Hotstone (1 hour & 30mins) PHP 1,200.00
Eyelash Extension

Eyelash Extension

(For selected branches only)Enhance the length, thickness and fullness to your natural lashes. Our lash stylists will apply synthetic lashes one at a time to create fuller and longer luscious lashes for a glamorous look. Our eyelash extensions look absolutely natural and will last between 2 to 4 weeks.

Natural Beauty PHP 800.00
Mascara Look PHP 1,000.00
Full Lashes PHP 1,250.00
Beauty Queen PHP 1,500.00
Fill in PHP 500.00
Removal PHP 350.00

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